What to Expect ?

At Pathfinder pest control We strive to provide the best service that we can but sometimes we need help in doing that here are some things that can help and make your treatment the most effective possible.

                                      PUT UP ALL PETS BEFORE SERVICE

Make sure pets are put up before service technician enters the home this means caging up dogs or cats or putting them in the area that is not being treated like outside or in a distant room that is not being treated. Remember that everybody are comfortable with dogs for cats and some people are actually allergic also this will also keep your pets safe from any toxic solutions that might be around while treating home. 

Inspect yourself and give as much information to the technician as possible this will help he or she Make the best decision on treating your situation.

follow any recommendations and preparation instructions given when the appointment is made 

sometimes children or even tenants can get in the way of the technician treating the home for pest  this can sometimes limit what the technicians can do for safety reasons so make sure all children pets and occupancy are out of the treating area while the home is being treated.

Make sure there proper Lighting in all rooms being treated change lights bulb if needed open blinds as well , if there is any light blocking device is on Windows please remove.

When treating  for past such as spiders and roaches it is a safe bet to treat every area in the home sometimes we get technicians that tell us that we weren’t able to treat the home effectively because the the client was not didn’t want us to go into certain rooms or wasn’t ready to treat in certain areas of the home this is definitely up to the clients but can cause pass to go to other areas of the home to survive and to continue to reproduce .

If you are getting your yard treated make sure pets are inside.

Make sure baseboards are free from clutter , clothes ,toys Etc this will allow technician to treat crack and crevice areas and also find potential entry points of pest.

Cleaning before appointment. Mopping ,vacuum and washing clothes and dishes  can help your home and the technician by able him or her  to find potential entry points of pest and potential hiding places of pest .

Seal up any pet food containers and remove food bowls and water bowls from floor. 

this advice is specifically made for general pest and does not include bed bugs for any questions or proper instructions for your specifically treatment needs ,Make sure that you ask for preparation instructions when making your appointment.