Tulsa Mosquito killer

Why Use Us ?

Keep your family and friends safe when outside, using our mosquito extermination service from Pest Control Management Solutions of Oklahoma. We specialize in eliminating mosquitoes. Got an event coming up or worried about your kids playing in the backyard? Whatever the reason, call Tulsa Mosquito killer for your exterminator needs. Barrier Sprays: We surround your home in a protective barrier against mosquitoes, keeping you and your family itch free for weeks. Special Events: Whether you’re celebrating your child’s birthday or entertaining some friends, we will make sure that your party guests enjoy your yard in a bite-free environment. Commercial Sprays: For commercial properties with outdoor spaces, eliminating mosquitoes can boost business, ensuring your customers comfort.

Mosquito facts : 

a.There are about 2,700 species of mosquito. 

 b.There are 176 species in the United States.

 c.The average mosquito weighs about 2.5 milligrams. 

d.The average mosquito takes in about
5-millionths of a liter of blood during feeding. 

e.Bigger people are often more attractive to mosquitoes because they are larger targets and they produce
more mosquito attractants, namely CO2 and lactic acid.

f.Mosquitoes fly an estimated 1 to 1.5 miles per hour.

Area we service :
3.Broken Arrow
9.Sand Spring

Licensing & Certification: Tulsa Mosquito killer is a brand under pathfinder pest control LLC and is licensing and Certificated in oklahoma.
Insurance: We carry liability insurance, to protect ourselves and you against possible accidents or damage inherent in dealing with the risks of pest control..
Training: pathfinder pest control llc is fully experience wildlife removal is a highly complex field, requiring several years’ worth of training before true expertise.
Equipment: Each of our technicians has a service truck and dozens of different types of equipment solutions and tools.