Roach Treatment

These preparation instructions only applied on the first treatment after treatment cleaning routinely and following our helpful tips will help eliminate roaches from your home forever. Pco will recommend Make house and are well lit this help the pco to inspect and treat home effectively Put up all pets and or remove them from the treatment area this usually means put the dog outside and put the cat in a cage. Be sure that the pest control professional has free and full access to anywhere that cockroaches have been seen (and anywhere specified by the PCO) No cooking or preparing food before or while pest control professionals are performing service. Remove ALL items from kitchen cabinets, food, dishes, pots & pans. REMOVE EVERYTHING. Place items on the kitchen table or place in different
rooms do not place items on the kitchen corner .
If anyone in the home has special allergy problems, is pregnant, or is under the age of one, the PCO should be informed prior to the start of service and precautions will need to be taken. All people and pets should stay out of the area being serviced for the length of time specified by the PCO.