Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs

❏ Declutter and thoroughly clean the rooms that are about to be treated.

❏ Dry all clothes ,sheets, blankets, pillowcases, and other bedding in a dryer set on
thehighest setting that won’t damage the items. Dry thoroughly and then place them
inAIR-TIGHT trash bags. Place in new bags and keep them separate from items that
ma be infested. Clothing that can’t be laundered and dried (including coats and jackets)
can be dry-cleaned.
❏ DO NOT not spray any bedbug solution, bug spray or use any dust or powdered
solution for up to a week before professional treatment.

❏ DO NOT use any bed bug fogger for up to 2 weeks before treatment (using fogger
can affect our treatment process by diluting our methods and we will not honor our
warranty if used).
❏ Dry pet bedding thoroughly on high heat and place in uninfected area.
❏ Make sure pets are placed in untreated area.
❏ Occupants cannot stay in area while being treated.

After treatment instructions:

❏ Home must be vacant of pets and people during and after the treatment process, see
technician on re-entry time period.
❏ Do not use any bed bug solution after treatments.

❏ Do not move any furniture around. Leave all of the furniture in the exact place that
the items were when the inspection takes place.
❏ Do not move items from one room to the next, or move any items out of the
home.Leave all of the furniture in the exact place that the items were when the
inspection takes place.
❏ Be prepared to leave the treated area for a minimum of 4 hours.
❏ Payment is due after treatment unless payment arrangements have been made
❏ Do not move any furniture.
❏ Do not use any pesticides after treatment.
❏ Do not move any bed bug monitors or traps. (Violation of any of these any or all of
these instructions will void the warranty.)

What to expect:

❏ Bed bug treatment can be a detailed service breaking down bed treating, inside
dresser and nightstand etc. So any items not wanted to be seen need to be removed
prior to inspection or placed the items in an untreated area.
❏ We offer a 60-day warranty after last treatment date.
❏ After the home is treated, the occupant(s) must continue to sleep in the bed and use
furniture normally. This means beds must be slept in the same evening that the
treatment took place.
❏ Bed bugs may continue to bite but will die over time. Treatment may take up to 3-21
days to work completely