Dear Pet Owner

  As a pest control operator I love my job but sometimes it can be difficult dealing with difficult customer , fighting  heavy traffic, crawling under crawl spaces or Entering smelly homes these are some of the issues and come up even on the same day . One major annoyance is dealing with a disobedient pet. This is usually the fault of the pet owner. Pet owners can be Oblivious to what going on, like if there pet in the way of the technician or blocking an area needing to be treated. people usually assume because they love their pet everybody else should to. Pet Owners seen to be  ignorant of there pets personality.

They assume their pet is obedient smart and sweet.  this is not the case when it comes to a stranger in there home. Pet owners also assume that every technician that comes to treat their house for pest love or even like pets This is not always the case. they deal with them because they have to but they’d rather not.


 Now let’s specifically talk about dogs, we’ve heard it all from  “oh he won’t bite he’ll just lick you to death ” or “he’s just curious”.


 Nevertheless , Customers have to remember that their dog loves them not the pest control technician. This can make the dog very nervous meaning the dog barking continuously at the technician which  is extremely uncomfortable. Even though the dog doesn’t attack, nobody wants to be followed and barked at in the face continuously for a 10 to 20 minutes.


 As a technician I’m entering in several homes today so usually I don’t have time to get used to a pet being in my way or have time to let the dog get used to me being in his space.


 Not to mention that the technician may be allergic to dogs or just doesn’t like dogs in general. Even if you have a harmless or small dog it’s better to just put them up because this saves the technician time and worrying about where to treat how to treat and not worrying if the dog will attack it some sort of unique movement which has been known to happen.


 I myself have had tons of bad experiences. The few examples would be getting bit by a dog after the customer tells me the dog wouldn’t bite me, another situation a dog ran away while I was at the property and the most common is the dog barking right in front of my face every time I do something or go somewhere in the house. 


 This does not usually make me nervous but just make me very uncomfortable. Meanwhile  while I’m at the property I can’t focus on doing a great job while I have to keep an eye out  for the dog and what’s he or she doing. Whether the dog is trying to sniff my equipment or try to lick up the solution I just put down these are things that can take up time and restrict me from doing a treatment completely. 


 Another thing is some people will trying to force the  technician to  interact with the  dog. My job is to provide Pest Control not to be friends with your dog. One of the biggest things  is disobedient pets. Sometimes the customers act as if their dog is well trained but when I come over they’d rather watch me bark at me play with me  verses obeying their owner. this is usually a test to figure out how much Authority the owner really has over the pet or dog.


 In conclusion I hope this article helps customers recognize that their pets can be a a hindrance to the technician entering the not to say that every technician hates dogs or doesn’t want to deal with them but most really just don’t have time . So respecting the technician by asking them would you like me to put up my pet before you come in can be very helpful .

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