Im scare of chemicals & pesticides

So when our customer call us one of the many questions they have is do yall use chemical? Or are y’all chemical safe ? They also want to know the product name as well. So here some info about pest control chemical that the professional use 

First of all let’s get away from using word chemical in our industry we use the word products instead of chemicals. They have several different products for almost any kind of situation so the word chemical doesn’t really describe The Product very well.

Also when u look at the word chemical it’s define as 


a compound or substance that has been purified or prepared, especially artificially.
“never mix disinfectant with other chemicals”

So when you look at the work chemical almost everything that we use could be considered a chemical whether it’s natural or organic.

People fear what they dont understand but their alot of things we dont understand all you really care about is it gonna to work and is it hazardous to u and your family. If your looking for a pest control company in the tulsa ,ok area we recommend Pathfinder pest control LLC .  

Weather is it products or whatever u want to call it is to safe well I put it like this a sky driving coach once told me is sky drive safe ? No! But it can be performed safety. So when it come to the product professional pest control operator use they applicated correct and and according to their training and  manufacturers  recommendation it can be safe for you and your family

So here are some things to think about ,  look at the herbicide, Pesticides, cleaning or sanitizing products in your home . Very product has a warning or caution  label just like the product the professional use.  never assure just because it come from a store, it’s safe ? Actually many of the store bought products are just as toxic or safe as the product we use as professional every day .

When u look closely at the Labels of these store bought products are not really that safe meaning if you ingest or the solution come in contact with your skin the effects will be the same if not worest than professional pesticides .

To help measure the risk of products in your home i will give you a chart that we go by this help you compare. So as professional pest control operator will break down the level of toxicity in our products by signal words . caution ,warning and danger . here is the epa signal words define .

Caution – CAUTION

Products with the signal word CAUTION are lower in toxicity.Protection Agency (EPA) requires a signal word on most pesticide product labels. They also require it to be printed on the front panel, in all capital letters, to make it easy for users to find. The only pesticide products that are not required to display a signal word are those that fall into the lowest toxicity category by all routes of exposure (oral, dermal, inhalation, and other effects like eye and skin irritation).


Indicates the pesticide product is moderately toxic if eaten, absorbed through the skin, inhaled, or it causes moderate eye or skin irritation.


Means that the pesticide product is highly toxic by at least one route of exposure. It may be corrosive, causing irreversible damage to the skin or eyes. Alternatively, it may be highly toxic if eaten, absorbed through the skin, or inhaled. If this is the case, then the word “POISON” must also be included in red letters on the front panel of the product label.

 So with this info go to your store bought product in your home  to see where their toxicity level falls . you might be surprise. So inconclusion we want shed light on the misconception that chemical and pesticide are bad or more danger than store bought products . when it come to any solution pesticide or chemcial alway stick to the manufacture recommend on safety and storing instruction as well as following the application direction.

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